Revisiting Flaherty's Louisiana Story (2006)

About the Film

In 2006, a group of students at Louisiana State University created short films revisiting the people and places of documentary maker Robert Flaherty's Louisiana Story. Through short film and essay, "Revisiting Flaherty's Louisiana Story" examines both the legacy of Flaherty's 1948 film and the experience of these student filmmakers in southern Louisiana. Suchy and Catano explore reflexivity in documentary filmmaking, depictions of the oil industry and the environment in south Louisiana, and the role of documentary images in making Louisianan identities.


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Film Details

  • Film by:
  • Produced by: Patricia A. Suchy, James V. Catano, and Adelaide Russo
  • Cinematographer: Shenid Bhayroo
  • Sound: Trey Willard and Ben Powell, Sound
  • Editor: Jordy Wax
  • Other Credits: James V. Catano and Patricia A. Suchy, Writers
  • Original Format: Other
  • ©Louisiana State University
  • 1 hr 4 mins, Color
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