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Selected Films

Films from Prairie Public TV in North Dakota

The upper midwest was under represented on Folkstreams until we found these wonderful films. We are especially indebted to folklorist Troyd Geist and station manager Bob Dambach.

Films from Prairie Public TV in North Dakota

The upper midwest was under represented on Folkstreams until we found these wonderful films. We are especially indebted to folklorist Troyd Geist and station manager Bob Dambach.

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Chuck Suchy: Sure Am Glad To Be Around

Chuck Suchy: Sure am Glad to be Around is an intimate portrait of iconic North Dakota musician Chuck Suchy. He talks about his creative process, the lessons he learned as an artist in residence in Iceland, the influences on his music, and the challenges that are taking him far from his ranch in western North Dakota at a time when most musicians would be thinking about retiring.

Music / Midwest / 2011
26 minutes | Read More

Fish Decoys
Join host Mark Greenig as he journeys through the lake country of Minnesota to meet with some of the best fish decoy carvers in the world. Meet John Jenson, Duey Johnston, Jay McEvers, Otis Lael, Bob Johnson, Lawrence Bethel, and others as they share web-dltheir stories and a few secrets to their success. Learn the history of fish decoys, how they work, and how they're made. Discover why fish decoys have evolved from being tools for survival to highly sought after works of art.
Arts & Crafts, Traditional, Sports/Hunting / Midwest / 2000
27 minutes | Read More

The Germans from Russia

The Germans from Russia is the story of the Germans from Russia - agricultural pioneers on several continents whose quest for land and peace shaped them into a distinctive and enduring ethnic group.

Ethnic & Immigrant Cultures, Agriculture, Family, Rural Life, Canada / Midwest / 1999
57 minutes | Read More

God Given: Cultural Treasures from Armenia

The exquisite metal repoussé artistry and life experiences of Norik Astvatsaturov, formerly of Baku, Azerbaijan, now an American citizen in Wahpeton, North Dakota, reflect in microcosm the history and culture of Armenia.

Arts & Crafts, Traditional, Ethnic & Immigrant Cultures / Midwest / 2009
09 minutes | Read More | Preview

Mennonites of Manitoba

The Mennonites of Manitoba is the story of a modest, peaceful, religious people. A people who have fled from Holland to Poland, from Poland to Ukraine, and from Ukraine to Manitoba, where they have held on to their distinctive culture and common history for 125 years.

Customs, Ethnic & Immigrant Cultures, Religion, Agriculture, Family / Midwest / 1998
56 minutes | Read More | Preview

Prairie Churches

Showcases the diverse history and architectural traditions represented by 117 churches throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan, North Dakota and Minnesota.

Arts & Crafts, Traditional, Ethnic & Immigrant Cultures, Religion, Canada / Midwest / 2008
56 minutes | Read More

Prairie Crosses

Prairie Crosses follows the traditional iron art form that crossed continents and oceans and survived famine and war to be reborn on the Great Plains of America and Canada.

Arts & Crafts, Traditional, Customs, Ethnic & Immigrant Cultures, Religion / Midwest / 2002
56 minutes | Read More

Prairie Quilts

Prairie Quilts explores the wonderful works of art, expressions of love, and legacies of comfort being made by contemporary quilters.

Arts & Crafts, Traditional, Customs, Women, Family / Midwest / 1999
28 minutes | Read More

Recipes from Grandma's Kitchen: Volume 2

From the Russian steppe to the American prairies, the resourcefulness of the Germans from Russia, particularly in the preparation of food for large families, has become a rich legacy. In German-Russian life, “food was love,” and prairie mothers who left no record of their lives are remembered daily in the recipes and rituals of food preparation.

Foodways, Women, Rural Life / Midwest / 2005
50 minutes | Read More

Scandinavian Traditions

Scandinavian Traditions takes a nostalgic look at childhood memories and family traditions and shows us that there is more to being Scandinavian than Ole and Lena jokes — this heritage is something to celebrate!

Arts & Crafts, Traditional, Customs, Ethnic & Immigrant Cultures / Midwest / 2002
59 minutes | Read More


Schmeckfest is a collection of vignettes filmed in the kitchens of cooks who remember milking cows on cold North Dakota mornings; at a cafe that still serves the traditional Knoepfla Soup; and at a modern Schmeckfest where, to use the literal definition of a Schmeckfest, people celebrate with a 'festival of food.'

Foodways, Aging / Midwest / 2000
55 minutes | Read More

A Soulful Sound

Throughout their travels, this enduring ethnic group maintained their traditional religious music, their lullabies and folk songs, their vocal and instrumental music. "A Soulful Sound: Music of the Germans from Russia" blends expert commentary with performances of traditional music—in the original language—from regional talent.

Ethnic & Immigrant Cultures, Music, Religion, Festivals/Customs / Midwest / 2005
56 minutes | Read More

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